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How do I...Initiate a initiate a new MEF Technical Project

All MEF specifications begin with one or more representatives deciding to work on a new project that will benefit the progress of Carrier Ethernet. These are either extensions to the functionality of existing specifications such as MEF 10.3, MEF 6.1, MEF 33 etc., or new work on Management APIs, new service types etc. All members in good standing are equal and anyone can initiate a project.

Typically one or more individuals come together who submit a proposal and motion to form an "ad hoc." This is done by submitting a contribution to the next quarterly meeting. The proposal is scheduled, discussed and voted upon at the meeting. If motion passes then the ad hoc group proceeds to create a formal project proposal using the TC project proposal template designed to lead to the creation and completion of a new technical specification.  For minor amendments this process is streamlined.

Full details are to be found in the Technical Committee Rules and Procedures. (see section 5)

Footnote: Projects are rarely initiated by somebody saying "the MEF technical committee should write a specification on .." because the committee is no more than contributions from individual members actively participating by initiating, authoring and completing projects. If you want something started, then start it.