Opening Plenary Agenda

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Tue 9 Apr

Recording | PPTX | PDF

Opening Remarks – Kevin Vachon, COO, MEF


Welcome Address Rivada Space Networks

Participants: Diederik Kelder, Chief Strategy Officer 


Executive Message - Deutsche Telekom

Participant: Silke Hoesch, SVP Central Functions Wholesale


MEF Executive Panel - The Journey to NaaS

Your MEF senior executive team will participate in an informative discussion on MEF's recent pivot and to NaaS and provide a readout from Monday's Board of Directors meeting. Our exciting plans for expanding the MEF ecosystem will be laid out, as we proceed with repositioning MEF as as a leading industry collaboration platform.

Moderator:  Kevin Vachon, COO, MEF

Participants: Nan Chen, CEO, MEF | Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF | Sunil Khandekar, Chief Enterprise Development Officer, MEF | Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs, MEF


Committee Chairs Panel -   Alignment of Committee Works to MEF Strategy

Leaders from each Committee will provider input on our strategic directions, discuss the alignment of the work happening in their respective committees and more.

Moderator:  Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF

Participants: April Taylor, Senior Vice President Blockchain, Sage Networks | Divesh Gupta, Vice President Technology & Sales Operations, PCCW Global | Chris Purdy, Head of Product Management, Canoga Perkins | Michał Łączyński, Solution Architect, Amartus

15:10Networking Break

NaaS Transformation, Collaboration and Monetization - Panel

NaaS holds tremendous promise for unlocking value and monetizing network investments, but industry stakeholders must transform and collaborate on multiple fronts to deliver on the NaaS vision. NaaS requires a holistic approach to business, operations, network, and workforce transformation and continuous collaboration across enterprises, retail and wholesale providers, data centers, cloud providers, and technology providers. Join us for a discussion of the keys to success. 

Moderator:  Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF

Participants: Debika Bhattacharya, Chief Technology Solutions Officer, Verizon | Franck Morales, SVP Marketing and Business Development, Orange Wholesale International | Paul Gampe, CTO, Console Connect | Daniele Mancuso, SVP Product Management, Sparkle


What is Next in the Service Automation Journey? - Panel

NaaS success requires automation throughout the global supply chain where all parties adopt a common set of processes and APIs at both the business process and operational levels. Over 155 service providers currently are in some stage of the adoption lifecycle for LSO APIs, with 74+ committed or in production. Likewise, enterprises expect automation in service delivery and the ability to interact with network services through APIs for visibility and service performance. Join leading providers to hear the latest developments and next steps for automation. Also, hear from enterprise leaders about a new initiative that the newly formed Enterprise Leadership Council is launching. 

Moderator:  Stan Hubbard, Principal Analyst, MEF

Participants: Bertrand Buclin, Head of International Infrastructure and Technology, AT&T | Nabil Bitar, CTO & Head of Network Architecture, Bloomberg | Raleigh Mann, SVP Technology, Williams-Sonoma | Sander Barens, Chief Product Officer, Expereo


Cybersecurity & SASE - Panel

The risk of major cyberattacks against organizations, governments, and individuals has never been greater. Cybersecurity experts increasingly are ringing the alarm bells about potential/actual “catastrophic” cyberattacks against critical infrastructure. In the face of these challenges, MEF has stepped forward to introduce the world's first standards-based certification program that validates cyber defense effectiveness and application performance of SASE solutions (including SD-WAN, SSE, and ZT). SASE and SD-WAN experts will discuss the latest market developments and share their views on the exciting new certification program.

Moderator: Stan Hubbard, Principal Analyst, MEF

Panelists: Bob Victor, Head of Product and Customer Solutions, Comcast Business | Antonella Sanguineti, Head of Marketing & Product Management Enterprise, Sparkle | Suraj Chandrasekaran, VP, SASE TGM, Global MSP/MSSP, Palo Alto Networks | Vikram Phatak, Chairman and CEO,


MEF Awards - Nan Chen, CEO, MEF

MEF announces the winners of the NaaS Accelerator Live 2023 Awards, followed by recognition of our Outstanding and Top Contributors.


Closing Remarks - Kevin Vachon, COO, MEF


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