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Join your industry peers and leaders at the MEF Q2 Member's Meeting in Rome in April!

The third LSO Partner Conference on Wednesday 19 April will focus on how LSO Solution Providers can fast-track LSO API implementations by service providers, as well as providing an update on the current fast growth in adoption and the LSO Ella and LSO Fergie releases. This is a must-attend event especially for those MEF members at the start of their business and operational automation journey.

Of course there are also ample opportunities to get high-level updates in the Opening Plenary, and to listen to thought-leaders and visionaries on our panels. And by being present, you have the opportunity to talk to them afterwards - the in-person networking at MEF events has always been among the highest caliber in the industry. Being present for the MEF Members Meeting goes beyond the sessions, as you get multiple chances to network with peers, customers, and vendors during the four days.

Commercial and Business Committee (CBC)

The Commercial and Business Committee will be holding its second MEF Showcase milestone day with a wide range of LSO API and LSO Blockchain use cases reviewed and discussed. The attendance in the first milestone day in the recent Los Angeles meeting was very high and demonstrated how valuable this new collaborative framework is for a wide range of our members.

The CBC will hold the second milestone day for the MEF Showcase projects including:

  • Televerse - the first MEF DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization (Red Forest)
  • Using Self-Sovereign Digital Twins (SSDT) (Deep Echo)
  • Buying and selling IaaS/MEC using LSO APIs (Hot Mongoose)
  • Streamlining inter-SP ordering using LSO Blockchain (Soft Owl)
  • Automating SLA credit reports and scheduled maintenance announcements using LSO Blockchain (Wolf Town)
  • Offering Trusted Location Services under zero-knowledge (Sound Eye)
  • Energy security for 5G base stations (White Amber)
  • Improved 'Address Validation' (Blue Rock)
  • Buying and selling Internet Access using LSO APIs (Black Hail)

In addition, the second revision of the MEF SASE & SD-WAN North Star document will be discussed and planned.

Digital Services Committee (DSC)

The longest serving committee in MEF that defined the now ubiquitous Carrier Ethernet services, the Digital Services Committee will be running working sessions to advance MEF work to define a wide range of standardized services that can be used to maximize interoperability, consistent terminology in the industry and enable business and operational automation (LSO).

  • Cybersecurity including
    • The next release of the industry's first SASE services standard
    • The next release of the industry's first Zero Trust framework standard
    • The latest release of the industry's first SD-WAN services standard
    • Universal SD-WAN Edge to maximize efficiency in the telco edge
    • Security functions to enhance IP services
  • Carrier Ethernet services over shared media (Broadband Access) to complement and extend the current standards for Carrier Ethernet service over dedicated media
  • Edge computing services
  • Subscriber network slice services
  • The new areas of
    • Universal Service Access
    • Physical and logical cross-connect services

LSO Committee (LSOC)

The LSO Committee sessions are where you'll want to be to help shape LSO automation as we move toward the LSO Fergie release and beyond, including active work on Product APIs and Schemas, Service Ordering, and Service APIs and Schemas. These sessions are especially valuable if your company has already begun automating their business processes, as you can help direct the work to include what has already been done.

The LSOC is working on the following areas, especially in preparation for the LSO Fergie release of the LSO SDK:

  • Product Business Requirements and Use Cases for LSO Cantata/Sonata
    • Product Catalog
    • Product Offering Qualification (revision)
    • Product Offering Availability and Pricing Discovery
    • Address Validation & Site Retrieval
  • Product APIs and Developer Guides
    • Appointment
    • Billing
    • Catalog
    • LSO API Security Policy
  • Product Model Schemas
    • Subscriber Ethernet (revision)
    • IP-VPN & Internet Access
  • Service Ordering Business Requirements and Use Cases
  • Service APIs and Developer Guides
    • LSO Service Ordering and Inventory
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Real-time and Historical Statistics
    • Threshold Crossing Alerts (Alarms)
    • Streaming Management
    • Fault Management
    • Service Function Testing
  • Service Model Schemas and Guides
    • SD-WAN Information Model (revision
    • SD-WAN, Carrier Ethernet, and IP-VPN, schemas and guides for service provisioning

Test and Certification (TCC)

Work on the next phase of the SD-WAN and SSE certification is underway in the Test and Certification, and the Rome meeting is a great chance to see where it is progressing, and get a head start so that your company can be among the first to receive the updated certification.

  • Phase 2 of the SD-WAN and SSE Certification
  • LSO Sonata Certification
  • Professional Certification
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