Celebrating 20 Years of MEF

Here is what's in store for our virtual Annual Members Meeting

  • Showcase the incredible work that MEF is executing upon to our members and a broader audience
  • Provide an opportunity for a wider array of participants within MEF member companies and the broader ecosystem to learn about specific committee work areas
  • Advance the committees' work within MEF

Join us for a lively, interactive opening plenary on Tuesday, 20 July

  • Nan Chen, MEF President, and Kevin Vachon, MEF COO, deliver the MEF Annual Report
  • An "Ask the Board" segment provides the  opportunity to participate in live Q&A with our world-class Board of Directors
  • MEF CTO Pascal Menezes offers MEF's technology vision and plans in "The CTO Report"
  • Tables and Chairs (Committee Roundtables)
    • Commercial and Business
    • Digital Services
    • LSO
    • Test and Certification
  • Plus...
    • MEF Professional Awards
    • MEF Community Update
    • Informative content delivered in the form of videos and other formats to recap recent events, developments, and upcoming member activities

Be sure to register for the Opening Plenary and Annual Meeting!

We encourage you to invite your company colleagues and ecosystem partners to come learn about MEF!

Week at A Glance

Monday 19 July

Pre-Meeting Editing Sessions

Tuesday 20 July

New Participant Orientation
Opening Plenary including Board of Director Elections Closure & Announcements

Wednesday 21 July

Board of Directors Meeting
Concurrent Committee Working Tracks
Marketing Activities Session

Thursday 22 JulyConcurrent Committee Working Tracks
Friday 23 JulyClosing Plenary
See below for more details.

Commercial & Business Committee
Digital Services Committee
LSO Committee
Test & Certification Committee
Marketing Strategy and Plan

Meeting Topics

Register here for the meeting including the opening plenary

  • You will receive an email from Bluejeans with an ICS file for the opening plenary
  • Committee meetings will be conducted via Zoom - attendee links can be found on the committee agenda pages.

Wiki Access & Assistance

Members will need a Wiki account to access agendas & materials. Signup here or contact Tom@mef.net for assistance.

Meeting Agenda Summary - (all times are in EDT)

Mon 19 July

09:00-10:40Digital Services Editing SessionLSO Editing Session
11:00-12:40Digital Services Editing Session
LSO Editing Session
13:20-15:00Digital Services Editing Session
LSO Editing Session

Tue 20 July


New Participant Orientation

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Opening Plenary

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • MEF Annual Report - Nan Chen, MEF President & Kevin Vachon, MEF COO
  • MEF Professional Awards
  • MEF Community Update
  • CTO Report with MEF CTO Pascal Menezes

Opening Plenary Part II

  • Ask the Board!
  • Tables and Chairs (Committee Roundtables)
    • Commercial and Business Committee
    • Digital Services Committee
    • LSO Committee
    • Test and Certification Committee
  • Board Election Results
  • Closing Remarks/Upcoming Activities

Wed 21 July

04:00-07:00Commercial & Business

09:00-10:40Digital Services 

10:00-13:00Board of Directors Meeting
11:00-12:40Digital Services 
LSO Test & Certification (Starts 13:00)
12:40-13:20Lunch Break
13:20-15:00Digital Services
LSOMarketing Activities Session

Thu 22 July

09:00-10:40Digital ServicesLSOTest & Certification
11:00-12:40Digital Services
LSOTest & CertificationCommercial & Business
12:40-13:20Lunch Break
13:20-15:00Digital Services
Commercial & Business

Fri 23 July


Closing Plenary

  • Committee Progress Readouts
  • Closing Remarks

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