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Learning from the LSO Solution Providers

MEF LSO APIs are gaining industry traction as the standardized way to fast-track inter-provider commercial automation. Building upon this momentum, MEF is bringing the ecosystem of leaders and implementers from buyer and seller companies and solution providers for a half day LSO Partner Conference.

This half-day interactive event, takes place on Wednesday 19 April during the Q2 Members Meeting, provides an exciting, productive opportunity for you to:

Meet and network with buyers and sellers in the LSO API community to accelerate adoption

 Hear business and technical perspectives from industry leaders who are driving LSO adoption and from solution providers that are now delivering commercial LSO offerings

Learn about the LSO API roadmap, committee developments, and available tools, resources, and programs designed to speed up evaluation and implementation

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Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial Executives
  • Wholesale Product Managers
  • Carrier/Access Vendor Procurement 
  • API SW Solution Providers, Integrators, and Aggregators
  • OSS/BSS Architects, Developers, and Test Specialists

Why Attend?

  • Meet with prospective partners to develop plans for API implementation
  • Learn about the MEF API release roadmap and how it impacts your automation initiatives
  • Get the latest on industry adoption trends for MEF LSO APIs
  • Meet the growing ecosystem of LSO solution providers, and MEF-authorized test and certification partners

Why attend the LSO Partner Conference?

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LSO Partner Conference Sponsors

LSO Partner Conference Rome – Agenda – Esedra Room

Wed 19 Apr


Opening Session

  • Welcome & Conference Objectives - Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs, MEF
  • LSO Ecosystem - Kevin Vachon, COO MEF
  • LSO Roadmap - Pascal Menezes, CTO MEF 

LSO industry adoption - Stan Hubbard, Principal Analyst MEF

Overview of the most recent LSO adoption research carried out with over 110 companies.


The business case for implementing LSO APIs - the Buyer perspective - Aidan Anderson, Global Connections Management Director AT&T


The business case for implementing LSO APIs - the Seller perspective


Fast-tracking LSO implementation with LSO Solution Providers 

Consecutive presentations by LSO Solution Providers representing the different approaches to enabling service providers to accelerate their use of LSO APIs.

  • LSO API Implementers (9:30-9:40)

    • Michael Kearns, Chief Strategy Officer Amartus

    • Maciej Simm, Head of Product Enxoo

Examples of using pre-built, standalone Buyer and Seller implementations of LSO APIs and business processes to augment a provider's BSS.

  • LSO Business Application Vendors (9:40-9:50) - John Denemark SVP & General Manager Carrier Provisioning TransUnion

Examples of using a full or partial suite of software components and capabilities to enable one or more of the LSO business functionalities.

  • LSO Service Orchestration Vendors (9:50-10:00) Bart Vanbrabant, CTO Inmanta

Examples of using a full or partial suite of software components and capabilities to enable one or more of the LSO operational functionalities.

  • LSO Brokers (10:00-10:10) Ben Edmonds CEO ConnectBase

Examples of using information brokers that connect the Buyer and Seller but are not a party to the contract between them.

  • LSO Connectivity Exchanges (10:10-10:20)

    • Divesh Gupta, VP Technology and Sales Operations PCCW Global
    • Gonzalo Rico, VP of Innovation & Technology Orchest

Examples of the value provided by solution providers that connect Buyers and Sellers via LSO, and potentially non-LSO APIs, while being perceived as being network-neutral and therefore not competitors with the LSO Partners.

10:20-10:45Break and Networking

LSO Solution Provider 'matrix' Q&A - Stan Hubbard, Principal Analyst MEF

Q&A with the LSO Solution Providers on what LSO API implementations they can support and their roadmaps


Experiences in implementing and onboarding LSO APIs - Michael Kearns, Chief Strategy Officer Amartus (moderating)

Discussion of the Buyer and Seller perspectives of implementing and then onboarding and how the MEF Onboarding and Interop (MEF OIT) service has been employed to accelerate partnerships and ensuing business.


Implementation tooling and aids - Michał Łączyński, LSO Developer Community manager, LSO Committee Co-Chair, MEF

Practical introduction to using the wide range of tools, programs and documentation available.


Conference wrap-up - Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs, MEF

13:00-14:00Lunch and Networking
19:00Buses leave for Terrazza Caffarelli - Sparkle Hosted Dinner