MEF LSO Hackathon

Upcoming LSO Hackathons

Euro17 LSO Hackathon - Frankfurt, April 24-26 2017

MEF17 LSO Hackathon - Orlando, Nov 13-15 2017

Recent LSO Hackathons

MEF16 LSO Hackathon - Baltimore, Nov 2016

Euro16 LSO Hackathon - Rome, Apr 2016

GEN15 LSO Hackathon - Dallas, Nov 2015

Introduction to LSO Hackathon at MEF16



TelecomTV/MEF16 – LSO Hackathon Panel




Frequently Asked Questions
What is the scope of the LSO Hackathon and what projects will there be?

There will be software development around the LSO Reference Points - LSO Sonata, LSO Cantata, LSO Legato and LSO Presto.

The projects for the Euro17 hackathon are listed here.

What are the goals of the LSO Hackathon?

Acceleration of pace and relevance of MEF LSO APIs and standards

  • Validation of evolving APIs/standards
  • Feedback into technical committees
  • Create SDN controller plugins, interface with LSO orchestration solutions

Collaboration across SDOs and Open Source communities

  • Increased awareness, open discussions
  • Support for LSO APIs in relevant open source projects

More running code

  • Sample code
  • Reference implementations
  • Utilities, test tools
What is the style of the LSO Hackathon?
  • Collaborative (friendly competition)
  • Break down silos
  • Share tricks, tips, ideas
  • Shared goals
    • Increase of pace and quality of LSO APIs and implementations
  • Non-MEF members can participate
  • Free of charge to participate
  • Fun and valuable for participants
Where can I read about the most recent LSO Hackathon event?

The Euro16 LSO Hackathon Report summarizing the achievements of the event can be viewed at Euro16 LSO Hackathon Report.

When is the next LSO Hackathon event?The Euro17 LSO Hackathon is taking place on April 24-26, 2017. It is co-located with the MEF Quarterly Meeting in Frankfurt.

Who is suitable to participate in LSO Hackathons?

Any individuals with the following backgrounds:-

  • Software developers - Open Source project experience preferred (networking experience not required)
  • CE 2.0 networking experts (programming experience not required) 
  • BSS/OSS architects 
  • Wholesale connectivity service product managers
Do I have to be in a MEF member organization in order to participate?No, the LSO Hackathon is open to all individuals with a suitable background.
How many participants will be there in the LSO Hackathon?We are expecting 50+ participants and expert facilitators. Remote participation is possible but attending in person is encourage and strongly recommended.
Is there a participation fee?No, it's free of charge.
How do I register?Click here to register and then we will have the LSO Hackathon team review your info, and we will get back to within a few days to confirm approval of your participation or otherwise.
Are there rules for participation?

Yes, - they can be found here.
Also, please note that there is a requirement for your company to have signed a MEF Code Contribution Agreement (explained on the LSO Hackathon Rules of Participation page) Your company may have already signed such a MEF Code Contribution Agreement, so we will follow up with you only in the event that this has not yet been done.

How do I suggest the addition of a new project for the hackathon? Additional projects are welcome and encouraged. If you have another project in mind and would like to volunteer yourself or someone else as the director for a project, please contact Charles Eckel ( and Daniel Bar-Lev (
Is this a competitive or collaborative hackathon?This is a collaborative hackathon in a supportive and friendly environment with market leading experts facilitating the event.
What are the benefits for participants?

Software developers, especially those contributors to Open Source projects, will learn in a hands-on manner how they can impact the rapidly emerging market of LSO-SDN-NFV solutions for agile, assured and orchestrated services.

Networking experts will learn in a hands-on manner how Open Source software can be leveraged to accelerate the transformation to the Third Network.

OSS/BSS architects will learn in a hands-on manner how to leverage LSO-SDN-NFV-Traditional architectures to replace the siloed architectures of today.

Wholesale product managers of Carrier Ethernet services will learn in a hands-on manner how automation between service providers and operators is being enabled by LSO.

In general, this is a unique and valuable way to bring different stakeholders together to work and learn in a collaborative way to solve their network and software development challenges in their day jobs.

What is the setup of the next LSO Hackathon?

The setup for the Euro17 Hackathon is coming soon.

For reference, the setup from the MEF16 LSO Hackathon is described here.

What equipment should participants bring?Participants should bring their own, or have access to a colleague's, laptop with at least 16GB of memory, and permissions to install additional software.
Who should I contact if I have specific questions relating to participation in the next LSO Hackathon?Please contact Charles Eckel ( and Daniel Bar-Lev ( and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.