A Product Offering represents what is externally presented to the market for the market’s use.  A Product Offering can be assembled from a reusable Product Specification (sometimes referred to as a product spec).

In practical terms, a Product Offering represents tangible and intangible goods and services that are made available for a certain price to the market.  A Product Offering may represent a single indivisible Simple Offering based on a single product specification, or may be a Bundled Offering, created by combining Simple Offerings and other Bundled Offerings.

The TeleManagement Forum Information Framework defines a Product Offering as the presentation of one or more ProductSpecifications to the marketplace for sale, rental, or lease for a ProductOfferingPrice. A ProductOffering may target one or more MarketSegments, be included in one or more ProductCatalog, presented in support of one or more ProductStrategies, and made available in one or more Places. ProductOffering may represent a simple offering of a single ProductSpecification or could represent a bundling of one or more other ProductOffering.



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TeleManagement Forum Information Framework (SID): GB922_Addendum_3_Product_R12-5_v9-12