OpenCS is a MEF-facilitated ecosystem that develops reference implementations of segments of MEF-defined Third Network services using any combination of open and/or closed software, open spec hardware, commercial devices (e.g. CE 2.0 certified devices), SDN and NFV. Open source code used in OpenCS projects is sourced from upstream Open Source projects.

OpenCS deliverables are primarily aimed at Service Providers and Operators that want to accelerate their adoption of LSO, SDN and NFV to deliver Third Network services.  
OpenCS project deliverables are purely informative, but are aligned with the MEF's normative specifications.

OpenCS projects are categorized according to the following OpenCS Use Cases:-


Table of Contents

OpenCS Objectives

  • Support Agile Standards Development of the MEF specs
  • Accelerate the alignment of the MEF specs and Open Source code
  • Accelerate the implementation of MEF specs for Third Network services

Agile Standards Development

Work in the OpenCS projects is used to provide immediate feedback to MEF specifications projects developing the underlying normative specifications as part of MEF's agile standards development approach.


The OpenCS Packet WAN project is providing the LSO Presto NRP API project with frequent updates regarding issues encountered while implementing the UNI Manager plug-in for OpenDaylight which includes use of the NRP API. 


Alignment of MEF Specs and Open Source

OpenCS projects provide an environment for communicating with Open Source projects on architecture and Information Model issues. Such communications encourage convergence of rapidly emerging Open Source solutions with the robust, long term requirements defined in MEF specifications.


Implementation of Third Network Services

OpenCS projects provide Service Providers with valuable information and insight into how to use existing marketing solutions in order to create agile, assured and orchestrated Third Network services.


The existing installed base of CE 2.0 services can be updated to support orchestration via LSO Presto using the implementations being described in the OpenCS Packet WAN project.


OpenCS Stakeholders

There are typically three categories of OpenCS Stakeholders:-

  • Service providers that 'consume' the OpenCS project deliverables
  • Technology providers (e.g. OCP Telco switch providers, server providers, software providers) that supply the service providers with the components described in the OpenCS instances
  • Open Source communities that develop the upstream code referenced in the OpenCS projects


Figure 2: OpenCS Use Cases


Data Center Use Case

Increasingly service providers are transforming their central offices to data centers in order to overcome the scalability limitations inherent in the current approach to central offices. Currently, there is one instance of OpenCS Data Center being developed.


Instance #1

The E-CORD architecture developed by ON.Lab uses a combination of leaf/spine architecture, ONOS and XOS to enable the delivery of E-Line services.


Packet WAN Use Case

The vast majority of existing Carrier Ethernet and IP services are based on proprietary networking equipment managed using proprietary Element Management Systems (EMS). The introduction of SDN controllers is an opportunity for service providers to enable scalable management and orchestration of installed networking infrastructure.


 Instance #1

OpenDaylight is used to control Cisco, HPE and Microsemi devices to deliver E-Line services.


Virtualization Use Case

NFV is increasingly being used to deliver connectivity services based on VNFs. In the OpenCS Virtualization use case, a combination of ETSI MANO and VNFs is used to deliver MEF-defined services.


SDN Transport Use Case

Increasingly SDN is being considered for management and orchestration of optical networks. For that purpose, ONF and OIF have jointly developed Transport API for optimizing SDN control of optical networks.


SD WAN Use Case

New solutions for delivering private Layer 3 enterprise networks over any WAN transport are increasingly available from SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) providers. SD WAN solutions are strongly suited for being delivered over Layer 2 networks. The OpenCS SD WAN use case specifically addresses delivering SD WANs over MEF defined services.


Cloud Exchange Use Case

Information to follow.



OpenCS Environment


Figure 3: OpenCS Environment

OpenCS is part of the MEF's Open Initiative which also includes OpenLSO, LSO Hackathon, MEFnet and UNITE.


OpenCS interacts with OpenLSO via the LSO Reference Point LSO Presto.

LSO Hackathon

LSO Hackathons are used to accelerate the evolution and development of OpenCS projects.



MEFnet is the cloud platform used to develop OpenCS and OpenLSO projects.


OpenCS Components

OpenCS instances comprise some or all of the following components:-

  • SDN Controllers
  • SDN Hyperscale Switching Fabric
  • SDN Network Apps
  • Traditional Network Infrastructure
  • VNFs
  • NFVI



Figure 4: OpenCS Components


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