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MEFnet is the MEF-facilitated compute-storage-networking platform on which Third Network reference implementations, OpenLSO and OpenCS projects are implemented. MEFnet enables development, testing, integration and showcasing of MEF reference implementations based on both Open Source and commercial closed source products. It is available to:-

MEFnet comprises both physical and virtual hosting environments for hardware and software elements of the Open Initiative projects. Software elements may be Open Source, closed source and/or commercial products.

MEFnet is amorphous, and includes geographically dispersed hosting environments that are owned and/or controlled by third parties (e.g. test labs, service provider networks, technology vendor labs)

MEFnet supports showcases and demonstrations, and provides a fully managed development, test and demonstration environment for MEF to execute against its Third Network vision, to meet the needs of its members and to enable collaboration with the extended stakeholder community.

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MEFnet Stakeholders


MEFnet users consist of Open Initiative participants motivated to check the viability of complex combinations of solutions, developers can create and test instances based on their work in OpenCS and OpenLSO.


MEFnet contributors provide equipment and/software into MEFnet accelerating the development and adoption of Third Network services using their products and enabling them to showcase their capabilities.


MEFnet Labs are service providers, technology providers, test labs or Open Source labs who are able to provide geographic/regional reach and a measurable commitment to developments in MEFnet.

SLA and Support

MEFnet incorporates an SLA making MEFnet highly available for Open Initiatives work around the clock. MEFnet first level support is provided for registration assistance, Server VM allocation, GitHub configuration, systems monitoring and auditing. Escalation expert support is provided to developers needing advanced troubleshooting assistance as well as support during hackathons.

MEFnet provides access to high availability, high performance compute and storage facilities, recommended software resources are made available to developers, and serves as a software repository for all OpenCS/OpenLSO and related developments.

The technology enabling the MEFnet environment is detailed below.

  • Hosts OpenCS instances with secured network access
  • Provides compute and storage resources on MEFnet cloud servers based on OpenStack environment under the full control of MEF.
  • Must conform to directives of the MEF, governance provided by OpenLSO and OpenCS as well as the MEFnet Usage/Limitations and MEFnet Acceptable use guidelines.
  • Require clearly defined SLA for reliable and secure connection to the OpenCS instances

MEFnet provides foundational and optional software components and tools:

  • GitHub is a primary tool serving as the repository for all MEF work.
  • Development workstations, owned by the developers and/or their company or organization, are the developers primary tool for coding.  MEFnet provides recommendations and supplementary information on their effective use for a given project.  
  • References to optional tools, whether loaded directly on MEFnet or the developers own workstation include, but are not limited to:  Docker, Maven repository for ODL, Swagger Editor etc.
  • MEFnet will incorporate Openstack as the datacenter infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and enable infrastructure distribution and partnering with external Labs.

MEFnet support services are available to allocate MEFnet resources and provide technical assistance.

What does MEFnet Support Provide?
MEF Technical Services (MEF IT) provides first-Level support assistance to MEFnet and includes registration assistance, coordination, management and auditing of resources, first level server configuration, maintenance, monitoring, reporting and escalation to additional support resources when necessary.

Escalation to second level support is provided through MEF IT. MEF IT works closely with Iometrix to maintain and troubleshoot user, vendor/supplier and related issues on the MEFnet platform. 24/7 support is provided for MEFnet and Hackathons as indicated in the MEFnet SLA.

What is the MEFnet SLA?

MEF IT will provide technical program management, first level, escalation support and deployment assistance of the deployed MEF Hackathon environment.

MEF hackathons will incorporate a management policy which practically guarantees data center facilities, equipment, software, support and related resources are 100% prepared and available during the setup and implementation process

The SLA for hackathons must incorporate the potentialities of international deployment issues that can impact MEFnet availability.

MEF IT can provide first level, escalation support and deployment assistance of the deployed MEF Hackathon environment.

Hackathon platform is to be ready for developers 1 week prior to a hackathon event.

Remote access and backup remote access is to be tested and ready 1 week prior to the hackathon event

Remote access and backup remote access are provided with an intention of 99% availability

Advanced/critical Hackathon platform support provided onsite at the hackathon location during hackathon hours

Advanced/critical Hackathon platform support provided at Iometrix labs during hackathon event at hackathon hours

Where required, external applications will be configured, managed and maintained by at least two resources:  The organization or company selling and/or serving the application, and a knowledgeable hackathon/MEFnet participant who is capable of configuration troubleshooting of the application.

Should the MEFnet server fail, hackathon participants will continue developments on their own computers or on a backup MEFnet server, with equivalent SLA, if available.


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