This page contains information and pointers to information that can be used by a candidate to prepare for the exam.

The SD-WAN Professional Certification BETA exam consists of 64 questions spread across the 16 objectives shown in the Blueprint.

The candidate has 90 minutes to complete the exam.


The primary reference for the SD-WAN Professional Certification exam is MEF 70, SD-WAN Service Attributes and Services.

Additional References include:

  1. MEF 55, Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO): Reference Architecture and Framework

  2. RFC 2764: A Framework for IP Based Virtual Private Networks, IETF

  3. A deep dive into SD-WAN troubleshooting and monitoring,

  4. What to expect with SD-WAN management, intent and usability,

  5. SD-WAN For Dummies 2nd VMware Special Edition by Sanjay Uppal, Steve Woo and Dan Pitt

  6. MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Services - White Paper, MEF Marketing White Paper

    • Caution: This is an older MEF White Paper (pre-MEF 70) that uses obsolete terminology. Focus on the concepts not terminology.
  7. Limitations and Differences of using IPsec, TLS/SSL or SSH as VPN-solution, Ole Martin Dahl


The table below lists the acronyms and abbreviations that are used in the exam without expansion. The candidate is expected to know the meaning of these without having them expanded in the questions.



BFDBi-directional Forwarding Detection
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
IPInternet Protocol
IPSecIP Security Protocol
LANLocal Area Network
MACMedia Access Control
MPLSMultiprotocol Label Switching
NATNetwork Address Translation
NFVNetwork Functions Virtualization
SD-WANSoftware Defined WAN
SDNSoftware Defined Network(ing)
SLAService Level Agreement
SWVCSD-WAN Virtual Connection
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TVCTunnel Virtual Connection

Underlay Connectivity Service

Underlay Connectivity Services

UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UNIUser Network Interface
VNFVirtual Network Function
VPNVirtual Private Network
WANWide Area Network
Normative Terms

The following terms are used in the exam to reflect their usage in MEF 70. They appear in the same with capitalized as shown in this table.

Application Flow

Application Flow Criterion

Application Flow Group

Egress IP Packet

Ingress IP Packet

Internet Breakout

Local Internet Breakout


Policy Criterion



SD-WAN Service

SD-WAN Service Provider

SD-WAN Subscriber

SD-WAN User Network Interface

SD-WAN Virtual Connection

SD-WAN Virtual Connection End Point

Service Level Agreement

Service Provider

Service Provider Network


Subscriber Network

Tunnel Virtual Connection

Underlay Connectivity Service

Underlay Connectivity Service Provider

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