MEF Certified Professional Certificate Expiration Policy

January 2020

Why MEF Professional Certifications expire?

The telecommunications communications industry evolves quickly.  The MEF developed a Transformational Global Services Framework for defining, delivering, and certifying assured communications services orchestrated across a global ecosystem of automated networks.  This work has a direct impact on the technology, service and professional certifications.  For professional certification specifically, this evolution of existing and the development and adoption of new standards means that certification content must be updated on occasion to keep up with, and in some cases, drive the industry forward.  That being the case, each MEF professional certification undergoes a rigid maintenance review cycle each year.  If a particular certification is determined to have content which has evolved, that certification maintenance will include changes and additions to that certification.

Certificate Expiration Policy

All MEF Professional certifications are valid for a period of 3 years from the "certification date," the date on which the exam was passed and the certification issued.  Expired certifications can not be "re-certified", a new exam is taken to re-instate the previously allocated certificate ID number. 

Re-Certification Policy

MEF certified professional certifications can be re-certified at any time within the 3 year expiration.  One day after the 3rd year, the certification is deemed expired.  

Certificate ID Reinstatement Policy

Certifications expire one day after the 3rd year.  A person who misses a re-certification opportunity, however takes a new certification exam of the same type may be eligible to use the previously allocated certificate ID for that person.

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