MEF 47 is a specification document developed by the Technical Committee of the MEF relating to using Carrier Ethernet services in cloud services environments.


"This document identifies the requirements for MEF Ethernet Services and MEF External Interfaces (EIs such as UNIs) as well as a management interface for use in support of Cloud Services. This support includes elastic behavior of Ethernet Service attributes that can be modified during the lifetime of the service. Support for Cloud Services falls into two broad categories: 1) interconnection of a Cloud Provider’s data centers (referred to as Data Center Interconnect – DCI), and 2) interconnection of Cloud Consumers (e.g. enterprises) and Cloud Provider data centers (referred to as Data Center Access – DCA). The services and requirements in this Implementation Agreement are based on the services defined in MEF 6.2 [5] and the attributes defined in MEF 10.3 [6] and this IA. Support of Cloud Services is addressed for a single Cloud Provider (CP) using one or more Carrier Ethernet Networks (CENs) and point-to-point Ethernet Services."







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