MEF 23.2 is a specification developed by the MEF STA of the MEF that provides an Implementation Agreement for Carrier Ethernet Class of Service.


"In order to provide differentiated levels of service, it is necessary to classify incoming frames to a service level either based on context (e.g., which EVC or OVC) or content (i.e, the contents of a specific field within the frame).

MEF 10.3 - Ethernet Services Attributes and MEF 26.2 - ENNI and Operator Service Attributes provide attributes for associating each ingress frame with a Class of Service Name (CoS Name) for this purpose. Those specifications also provide attributes for associating each ingress frame with a color.

This Implementation Agreement formalizes the CoS Name and defines three specific CoS Names called Class of Service Labels (CoS Labels).

For frames associated with a CoS Label, this IA provides:

  • values for fields containing the CoS identifier
  • values for fields containing the frame color
  • definition of Performance Tiers. Performance Tiers provide a way to define sets of performance objectives based on inherent characteristics of the service (primarily geographic span).
  • specific performance objectives. Required values for performance objectives are specified in this document for service with a Class of Service identified by one of the MEF CoS Labels.
  • requirements associated with bandwidth profile applicability to frames associated with the CoS Labels.

This IA also provides guidelines for CoS Names, in general, in terms of how the performance objectives for OVCs are composed into performance objectives for EVCs."




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