User Network Interface (UNI) Type 1 Implementation Agreement


MEF 13 is a specification document developed by the Technical Committee of the MEF that provides an Implementation Agreement for UNI Type 1.


"This document specifies an implementation agreement for MEF User to Network Interface (UNI) Type 1. The main objective of this version is to specify the MEF UNI characteristics and operation in manual configuration mode. This allows existing Ethernet devices (switch, router, workstation, etc) acting as CEs to be instantly compliant to this IA with no additional software or hardware upgrades. The main functionality of this version is to allow data-plane Ethernet connectivity between the UNI-C and UNI-N. This document references MEF UNI Requirements and Framework [4] for all concepts, constructs and terminology. The UNI Type 1 mode provides bare minimum data-plane connectivity services with no control-plane or management-plane capabilities."


Reference Presentation

The MEF has prepared an overview presentation which explains the MEF 13 Implementation Agreement.



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