MEF and TM Forum are collaborating closely in the area of open APIs in the context of the LSO Reference Architecture.

Ordering of MEF Services is the current focus of this joint effort. All MEF members and TM Forum members are invited to participate via the MEF Wiki. MEF members can sign up for access to the MEF Wiki as described in the instructions here.

TM Forum members that do not have MEF membership and want to access the dedicated MEF Wiki space for this collaboration should contact Kenneth Dilbeck referencing this page.

Ordering MEF Services

Work is underway to define the LSO Sonata Ordering IPS which will underpin the first Ordering data models. These data models will be used across TM Forum APIs.

One of the key sections of the LSO Sonata Serviceability and Ordering IPSs that is being populated now covers the use cases and business requirements for serviceability checks and ordering of wholesale connectivity services from a partner operator. If you are a service provider with experience of ordering of wholesale products from partners via inter-carrier APIs, you are invited to contribute to this activity. Information on how to participate and to track progress can be found at the LSO Sonata Joint Wiki Space.