LSO Hackathon

The LSO Hackathon is a series of events facilitated by the MEF to:-

  • Accelerate the development of software for use in reference implementations of Third Network services.

  • Provide feedback to ongoing MEF projects in support of the MEF's Agile Standards Development approach to MEF specification development

  • Facilitate discussion, collaboration and the development of ideas, sample code and solutions that can be used for the benefit of service providers and technology vendors

  • Encourage interdepartmental collaboration and communications within MEF member companies - especially between BSS/OSS/service orchestration professionals and networking service/infrastructure professionals.

LSO Hackathon Participants

The recommended background for LSO Hackathon participants - one or more of the following:-

  • Open Source project contributors
  • Software developers from service providers and technology vendors
  • Networking engineers, architects, designers etc. with CE 2.0 background and/or MEF-CECP certification
  • MEF specification contributors
  • MEF-CECPs (MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals)

Open Source

The LSO Hackathon events are developed in close collaboration with open source projects including the OpenDaylight (ODL) and OPNFV communities:


Face to face events - typically of 2-3 days duration - are held periodically during which programmers and networking experts are invited to form ad-hoc teams and develop and demonstrate software for projects scoped out by the MEF LSO Hackathon leadership.

The timing of LSO Hackathons is typically determined by the MEF up to 12 months in advance. The LSO Hackathon leadership then reviews and approves projects from submissions made by different MEF projects and members. Once the scope has been agreed, announcements are made both within and outside the MEF regarding the scope of the upcoming LSO Hackathon and open invitations are made to individuals to register. Registrations are then reviewed by the LSO Hackathon leadership, and where appropriate, approved.

In order to support the LSO Hackathon participants, the MEF projects which are included in the LSO Hackathon prepare SDKs which can be downloaded by the participants two weeks in advance of the event.

On the first day of the event, a workshop is held in which experts provide technical explanations of different facets of the LSO Hackathon projects, and participants are invited to form ad-hoc teams.

The remaining days of the event are used by the ad-hoc teams to develop code in support of the LSO Hackathon projects. At the end of the event, short summaries of progress made and conclusions reached are presented to the event participants.

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