LSO Adagio (ICM:ECM) belongs to the family of LSO Interface Reference Points (IRP) as defined in MEF 55. It defines the management reference point needed to manage the network resources, including element view management functions.  

LSO Adagio resides both in the Service Provider domain and in the Partner domain, and is considered a North-South API. There is currently no definition work in MEF focused on LSO Adagio.

Communications flowing across LSO Adagio would be, for example, in OpenFlow and NETCONF/YANG.



  • ICM requests implementation of cross-connections or network functions on specific elements via the ECM functionality responsible for managing the element.

  • ICM requests the change in administrative state of specific resources management by the ECM.

  • ICM discovers element level configuration information from the ECM.

  • ICM receives element level fault and performance information from the ECM.







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