An SD-WAN Service is an application-aware, policy-driven connectivity service, offered by a Service Provider, that optimizes transport of IP Packets over multiple underlay networks.

A complete MEF SD-WAN Service consists of:

  • Exactly one SWVC with a corresponding set of SWVC Service Attributes (see section 8).
  • Two or more UNIs where the Subscriber accesses the Service, each with a corresponding set of UNI Service Attributes (see section 10).
  • Exactly one SWVC End Point for the SWVC at each of those UNIs, where each SWVC End Point has a corresponding set of SWVC End Point Service Attributes (see section 9).

There is a one-to-one relationship between an SD-WAN Service and an SWVC. Note that the SWVC, the SWVC End Points, and the UNIs (and their Service Attributes) are specific to a given SD-WAN Service.



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