An SD-WAN Service delivers IP Packets between Subscriber Network locations. In that sense it shares many attributes with a MEF IP Service (as described in MEF 61.1, IP Service Attributes [21]). Therefore, many of the sections of this document are derived from MEF 61.1.5

Since SD-WAN is intended to provide simplified connectivity options, only a selected set of Service Attributes are integrated from MEF 61.1. Conversely, since SD-WAN Services are based on Application Flows and Policies, there are a number of Service Attributes defined to describe these capabilities, and, several of the Service Attributes integrated from MEF 61.1 have been modified to focus on Application

Flow-based forwarding rather than general IP/layer 3-based forwarding. An IP Service can be used as an Underlay Connectivity Service for an SD-WAN Service.

An SD-WAN Service (SWVC) provides the logical construct of an L3 (IP) Virtual Private Routed Network for a Subscriber. This section describes the basic IP forwarding paradigm for an SD-WAN Service, and requirements that indicate which fields of an IP Packet can be modified while traversing the SD-WAN Service and under what conditions they can be modified.

5 This is to ensure the greatest level of commonality between the two specifications as well as for expediency.



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