In the context of the MEF, a Data Model (as opposed to an Information Model) correlates to one or more MEF specifications and includes protocol-specific constructs.

More than one Data Model can be derived from a single Information Model.

Multiple Data Models

Data Models usually specify items at a lower level of abstraction. The level of abstraction does not depend on the language being used (e.g. XML, IDL, YANG, UML) Such languages allow modeling both at high and low (i.e. detailed) levels.

Note that if the Information Model is too generic, then the derived Data Models may be somewhat undefined, and lacking in interoperability.


Information Models and Data Models are distinguished in order to separate the modeling of problem space semantics from the modeling of the implementation of those semantics. However, this distinction is not always clearly articulated.

The MEF has defined Data Models for SNMP and NETCONF as SNMP MIBs, as well as NETCONF YANG modules.


An SNMP MIB Data Model is defined in the MEF 36.1 technical specification.

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